The school owes its name to Miss Ewart, a generous Irish lady who was the school’s first patron and provided the initial funds required for the set up of the school. The school which started with a handful of pupils and a devoted band of teachers now has nearly 3000 pupils taught with the same zeal by experienced members of staff. The school was recognised as a Matric School in 1943 and upgraded as a Higher Secondary School in 1978. It was previously under the Diocesan Board of Higher Education but is now under the management of the Madras Diocese of the Church of South India with the Rt. Rev.Dr.J.George Stephen, Bsc., M.A., B.D.,D.Min., Bishop in Madras, is the manager of the C.S.I Diocesan Schools. Mrs.Sheila Lawrence is the present Principal of the School.
Miss Frances Baker [1913-1936]

The first principal and was known for her administrative ability and versatility. Her principles were based on the following lines composed by her
Miss Alice Greene [1936 – 1952]

A thorough, meticulous and humane person, she exacted high standards from her pupils. Discipline and precision were her watchwords.
Miss C. Davamani [1952-1970]

She was the first Indian to take up the post. As a strict disciplinarian she followed the steps of her predecessors and continued to hold the banner high.
Mrs. C. Chelladurai [1970-1988]

She maintained the standard of the school and was honoured by receiving both the State award and National award. The computer era started during her period.
Mrs. E.M. Victor [1988-1995]

She dynamically and dedicatedly piloted the school. Her vision of using technology with academics has benefited the school in various ways.
Mrs A. Williams [1995 -2008]

She continued with the same missionary zeal as her predecessors. She brought honour to school be receiving State Award. With her courageous and undaunting spirit Ewart School was able to face many challenges.