Examination :

Examinations and Tests Terminal examinations are held thrice a year, in September, December and April, and report sheets are sent to parents. Besides, periodical tests and mid-term tests are given in all subjects and reports sent to parents regarding the progress of the pupils. A minimum of 50% is required for a pass in every subject. However, for pupils of Stds. IV-XII, a pass in General knowledge Test, with 50% marks, is also essential to qualify for the Honour Roll. Computer Science is offered as a life Oriented Education. It is a compulsory subject for promotion and rank. Parents are requested to examine the reports carefully and return them with their signature on the due date. Every test should be signed by the parent, failing which the pupil will be penalised. Annual Examination marks will not be sent, but Parents wil be informed about the Pupils promotion or detention by post. The decision regarding detention will not be revoked on any account.

Pupils absent from examinations without gave reasons will be considered as having failed. Pupils absent from any examinations for any reason whatsoever will not be re-examined. The marks obtained in the Quarterly, Half- yearly and Final examinations will be considered for promotion. No pupil who fails for two years in succession will be kept in the school.