Attendance is compulsory on the re-opening day of each term of the school. The permission of the Principal should be obtained in the event of absence of a pupil on that day. After any absence of pupil a leave letter should be sent under the signature of the parent or guardian. In case of illness the leave letter must be supported by a medical certificate, if the absence exceeds four days. No pupil is allowed to leave the school premises during working hours without the permission of the Principal. If a student comes late more than 3 days in a Term may be sent back home. No pupil may absent himself/herself without obtaining leave previously. A student absenting himself/herself from school for 5 days in succession without permission will be marked ‘LEFT’. He / She will not be re-admitted as a matter of course. A student absenting himself/herself without prior written permission from parents Day Celebrations, Annual Sports Day celebrations and on the re-opening and closing days of the Term or after special holidays like Christmas, Deepavali, Michaelmas Pongal, etc., is liable to lose his/her place. if she/he is readmitted she/he will have to pay readmission fee Rs500/- (with a fine of Rs.50/-for each day of absence). A fine of Rs.25 will be collected from pupils if they absent themselves on the first day of the term.