Ewart Computer Centre


Ewart Computer Centre is equipped with Pentium Multimedia systems, an IBM Net Infinity HP Serve Scanner colour printers, and is privileged with a 24 hour internet connection.

Computer Science is part of the curriculum from the Lower Nursery Class.

The School Website has been updated. A vitrual tour around the campus is a novel addition. The interesting snippets of the happenings of the school, articles of students, photographs of various functions will also be available online. Past pupils can meet each other through the website www.csiewartschool.in

Thulir- It is technology assisted leaning of English for children between the age group of 4 to 12 categorised as Phonics, Foundation and Primary, thus expanding the language proficiency of learners in reading, writing, speaking and listening


The Ewart play school has been revived as ‘Ewart Cherubs’

Arise and Shine is a tie up programme incorporated as part of the curriculum in the academic year 2016-2017 for classes VI to VIII. This programme enhances pupils to improve in their English Communicative skills, Behavioural Psychology and Personality Development.

The Prime India Health Centre functions in the School premises with a well qualified Doctor and a Nurse. A psychologist catering to the needs of children is also present in the campus.