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The new ewart centenary library is modern & computerized will in the near future include a state-of-the-art software for book Issuing, Cataloguing, Classification, maintenance of stock register and computer terminals with controlled internet access.

The Ewart Library with over 15,000 books include a wide variety of fiction, encyclopedias and dictionaries, instructive volumes on Nutrition, Science and Mathematics. A beautiful collection of timeless English and Tamil classics, Instructive books on Theology, Needs work, Art & Music and some lovely tomes of poetry. Illustrated editions of regional and global History & Geography are also a part of our repertoire.

We also have a collection of CD’s which feature everything from rhymes, hymns and Disney animation movies to Encyclopedia Britannica to both entertain & instruct students.

Libraries with their numerous resources are an invaluable tool for studying, and here at Ewart we inculcate a love for reading and a thirst for knowledge in our students at a tender age.

The Ewart Centenary Library with its sleek, air-conditioned interior and its peaceful ambience is the perfect place to immerse oneself in the magical exhilarating world of books.