For New Admission


Admission Fee : Rs.500

Note : Fee once paid will not be refunded.

School fees and special fees should be paid at the beginning of each term as in June, October and January. Only demand drafts will be accepted. Those who do not pay fees by the 15th will have a to pay a fine of Rs.50/- per week. All arrears of fees should be cleared a week before the examination. The fee counter will not be opened on March 31.

Parents are requested to enter the details on the School Fees Record page provided in the Calendar.


Attendance is compulsory on the re-opening and closing day of each term of the school. The permission of the Principal should be obtained in the event of absence of a pupil on that day. After any absence of pupil from school, leave letter should be sent under the signature of the parent or guardian. In case of illness, the leave letter must be supported by a medical certificate, if the absence exceeds four days. No pupil is allowed to leave the school premises during the working hours without the permission of the Principal.

If a student comes late for more than 3 days in a term he or she may be sent home. No pupil may absent himself/ herself without obtaining prior permission. Pupils cannot attend one or two classes in a session and then permission to leave.

A student absenting himself /herself from the school for 5 days in succession without permission will be marked ‘LEFT’. He/She will not be re- admitted as a matter of course.

A student absenting himself / herself without prior written permission from Annual Day celebration, Annual Sports Day celebration and on the re- opening and closing day of the Term or after special holidays like Christmas , Deepavali, Michaelmas, Pongal, etc., is liable to lose his/her place.

No pupil will be allowed to appear for the promotion assessment exercise if the attendance for the year is inadequate.

Pupils may not take leave to study for an examination unless sanctioned by the school.


Pupils suffering from infection and contagious disease should on no account attend school. Pupils suffering from pox or measles should abstain from school for 21 days and those from mumps for 14 days.


A written application with week’s notice is necessary for the issue of a Transfer Certificate. A parent withdrawing a pupil during the school year is expected to pay the whole term fees; otherwise Transfer Certificate will not be issued. If the application is made a year or more after a pupil has left the school, a fee of Rs. 50/- is payable. No ‘pass’ entry in the Transfer Certificate will be made for failed candidates. Note: The school authorities reserve the right to refuse admission to a pupil without assigning the reason. They also reserve the right to send away any pupil whose conduct within or outside the school is considered unsatisfactory.

“Change of address should be intimated to the school office”